My Insatiable Desire to Make


I’ve been learning so much about how to work with ceramics and metals. It seems I’m having to order a new tool everyday! Who knew I’d need so many different types of files and pliers?! I’ve been scouring the internet for tutorials whilst sourcing materials. Silver is an expensive metal to learn with (I snapped a ring shank in half when trying to bend it) and it’s expensive to accumulate enough material to create just a simple piece (chain, clasps, beads, spacers, bezel wire, etc.) so for now, I’m working with stainless steel. However, stainless steel is a lot harder than sterling silver and it’s that much more difficult to bend and form. I’ve had to add a propane torch, Dremel, flex shaft, and drill press to my ever growing tool kit. My little home studio is already outgrowing its corner in my home office. My work table is becoming cluttered, and and all those tools need to be stored in an organized and accessible manner. (They are currently in my bookshelf, in nice labeled boxes.) That little kiln I was so fond of, and just had to have, inspired me to create pieces from ceramic, glass, enamel, silver, copper and steel. Each element requires its own set of tools and materials to work with. It seems I’ve taken on far more than I’d anticipated with this hobby. But it is satisfying to see the end results. These are my first pieces! Made from ceramics, leather and stainless steel.

2 thoughts on “My Insatiable Desire to Make

  1. These are beautiful Lisa!
    Also like the little metal tag with the initials LP on it.


    1. Thank you Jennifer! These ones were pretty simple. I’m still learning how to solder silver!

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