Art Exhibit 2018

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working with the goal of creating an inventory of paintings to show and sell in 2019. I created 40+ pieces – and had a few of these printed as greeting cards and a 2019 calendar. To celebrate my achievement, I held my first annual year-end art exhibition. This took place at my studio on November 16 to 18, and was a great success! It was so nice to hear all the positive feedback!  It was wonderful when a few pieces found new homes – and the greeting cards sold out!


You can view the series here!


I’ve heard that it isn’t uncommon for artists to experience a feeling of letdown after such a show. The first week I was all too happy to have a break from painting and planning. (The weeks leading up to the show were so busy! Not only was I completing my last pieces but also moving furniture, cleaning the space, spackling and sanding and painting walls, and also baking and cooking finger food for the show!) The week after that I caught a cold and didn’t feel well enough to go to the studio. And then it hit me… I had nothing more to do! I had been working prolifically for an entire year, often working on more than one piece at a time – and then to stop cold turkey! I was in the habit of going to the studio but then I’d remember there was nothing more to do – the series was complete. I felt lost as to what to do with myself. I knew if I allowed myself to wallow my thoughts would spiral into full-on depression (I’ve been there once, and never want to go back). So I had a conversation with myself, I told myself that I’d chosen this path, and I was going to do everything within my abilities to become an established (known) artist.


I sat down and planned for the new year. How many pieces I want to create. How many galleries I want to represent me. How many shows I want to be involved in. The possibilities of commissioned work, artist residencies and grants. I created a vision board so these goals are in front of me everyday. It is apparent that I have a lot to do still! And I am excited about the new year!