Artist Retreat

Salt Spring Island

For years, I’d witnessed my friends traveling to places I could only dream about. Many obstacles stood in my way: being a single mom, low income, and then no income as I built my art business. Four years in, and I finally had a little money stashed away for something special. I decided to treat myself to a little getaway, a retreat from my year-long painting series, and to find inspiration for my next series.

I’d always wanted to go to Salt Spring Island; I’d heard so much about it (the artist mecca of the West Coast). So I booked a week-long stay at a little cabin in the woods, just steps from the beach.

What a wonderful little cabin! The first thing I did was make a cup of tea to settle in. Imagine my delight when I looked out the window while washing the dishes to see a family of deer tiptoeing amongst the ferns. All was silent, except for the birds singing above. I was in heaven!

A quick sketch of the cabin, which I left in the cabin for the owner! (She framed it!)