Salt Spring Island

For years, I’d witnessed my friends traveling to places I could only dream about. Many obstacles stood in my way: being a single mom, low income, and then no income as I built my art business. Four years in, and I finally had a little money stashed away for something special. I decided to treat myself to a little getaway, a rest from my year-long painting series, and to find inspiration for my next series. I’d always wanted to go to Salt Spring Island, as I’d heard so much about it (the artist mecca of the West Coast!) So I booked a week-long stay at a little cabin in the woods, just steps from the beach.

Oh my! What a wonderful week it was! A family of deer foraged for food just outside my cabin, a hummingbird visited me daily, the weather was balmy, and the forest and seaside were breathtaking. I visited the art galleries and artist studios, painted a ceramic platter, and made a glass dish at the glass foundry. I painted en plein air (outside), and took many photos to use as reference in my studio back home. And a new series, “Someday”, was born!

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