Little Cameron

Watch the painting process!

This is a portrait of my son, Cameron. Here, he is four years old, eating his favourite food (pizza) while wearing his favourite shirt!

There’s a story about that shirt: someone had given us a bag of hand-me-downs and before I had a chance to go through it Cameron dug through it and pulled out the shirt. He was delighted with his find and held it up for me to see, smiling from ear-to-ear. It had neon orange bands on the sleeves and an image of some brown and orange turtles. It was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen. (I’d never pick that out for my child to wear!) But Cameron LOVED it! He promptly pulled it on, and he’d wear it every chance he got. I was glad when he finally outgrew it. Not long after, we were given another bag of hand-me-downs. Guess what we found?! Another shirt – exactly like the last turtle shirt – but in a bigger size! Cameron was thrilled! He knew my opinion of the one he’d outgrown, and we laughed and laughed. He wore that shirt almost every day!