My gift to the world

Translation: Lisa is such a good drawer. She must be a artist. She must have had art lessons. She is such a good artist. We will tell the artist to take her to the artist’s boss to let her in too. Nov. 22: We _____ here is the _____ newspaper.


Sometimes, I wonder why I am an artist. Of all the amazing paths I could have followed, I chose art. In my younger years, I thought about becoming a lawyer. And in my mid-twenties I thought about becoming a psychologist. (I took courses in both subjects in university!) I contemplated a creative career as an interior designer, graphic artist, professional photographer – and dabbled in each field. But as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an artist – to draw and paint and sculpt! This makes me wonder if perhaps, art chose me?


I believe we are born with a particular gift which we are meant to share with the world. This “gift” may be intellectual, creative, athletic, spiritual, or emotional. Mine, just happened to be the creative one! As a child, I would create elaborate plays with my younger sisters and cousins. I would create a role for each of them, and rummage through the dress-up box for the appropriate costume. I’d use sheets of cardboard to create a backdrop, even made a Christmas tree with spray-painted newspaper and an old mop! I was always drawing, and for my tenth birthday I received a set of oil paints and brushes (some of which I still have today)!


When I had the opportunity to go to university I thought about my interests and options. Sure, I could go into law or psychology, or anything else I thought interesting and lucrative. But would it make me happy? I was thinking about the long-term pros and cons. And it came down to two questions: What did I want to do everyday? And, what was I willing to give up? 


I am so glad that I pursued an art career. While it can be challenging to build a client base (all businesses are faced with this!) I can indulge myself with projects that please me. I can take an idea and manifest it into a physical object! The process of creating allows me to escape everything, and for those hours I’m working in the studio the world disappears. I am designing and problem solving and observing and critiquing my work to perfection. It is very satisfying to complete a piece and know that it was done with love and skills acquired through practice and patience.


My work reflects quality craftsmanship, original thought, and a unique experience for each piece. I am truly blessed to be an artist!