Nothing to show


I should be preparing for my annual art exhibit. But covid restrictions have stopped that from happening this year. I’m beating myself up a little, because I had an entire year to create stuff. And yet I did nothing. It was just so hard to be motivated with everything closed and everyone distanced. Not once, did I go to the studio to paint. (I did make 7 videos, but the majority of that was done on the computer, in my home office.)

I was supposed to go on another Artist Retreat. An adventure to find inspiration. The beginning of the year, I’d signed up for a 6-week course on portrait drawing (in Vancouver). I was looking forward to revisiting an old passion and learn some new techniques. The first session was so inspiring! We worked with a live model and I enjoyed working alongside my peers. The second session was canceled, because of covid, and they haven’t been able to start up again. All my plans for the year were kyboshed, as one event after another was canceled.

I suppose we’re all mourning our usual activities. We miss our friends and loved ones. We’re feeling trapped inside our homes. I hope to have a more productive year, next year. I hope we can say goodbye to social distancing and face masks. In the meantime, I’ll be sending best wishes the old fashioned way, with greeting cards!

Put a smile on someone’s face – even though you can’t see it! 

View a selection of my greeting cards here.