West Coast Sunset 2


If you’ve read my previous post (West Coast Sunset) about this piece you’ll remember that I wasn’t completely happy with the results. While the image is striking, I had a couple “technical” difficulties – which we artists call the “process” of making art. The background trees turned out too dark (the beautiful purple and green I’d mixed dried to almost black). Therefore the lower left corner looked empty and dark. I tried to live with it for a couple weeks but decided another tree might do the trick. I was happy with the results of the second tree but found the dark bottom half of the painting too strong and I wanted to bring out the subtle purple of the background so I added purple clouds to the sky.

Now, I believe it is finished! Do you think I made the right changes?



2 thoughts on “West Coast Sunset 2

    1. Thank you! I’m now creating a couple more very similar to this one, because it sold!

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