I’ve always been an artist. From an early age, I would draw and colour and paint. I knew then that I wanted to grow up to be a professional artist. Back then, I didn’t know how tough it would be to do so. I grew up, got a job, and “life” took over. Every now and then that little voice in the back of my mind would whisper to me, and I’d pick up a pencil or paint brush and create something just for the thrill of it.

It wasn’t until I was thirty that I had the opportunity to go to university for my Fine Arts degree (something I’d always wanted to do). I loved going to class, learning new skills, meeting like-minded people, and challenging myself with a new and better project. It was a busy time: being a mom, working while attending school full-time (completing assignments into the wee hours). Oh, but it was exhilarating! It was the first time in my life that I felt I belonged.

Years later, I know that I am on the right path. The jobs I took and moved on from all contributed in teaching me skills that I now use as a business owner and instructor. Unique opportunities, interesting life lessons, and even new friendships have come my way, simply because I’ve chosen to follow my heart. It didn’t happen over night. It took dedication and hard work, and a lot of sacrifice of the finer things in life. I now have over twenty years teaching experience and showing / selling my artwork. It feels good to look back and see how my career has progressed. I’ve been featured on TV and in various newspapers, and am now a published author!

I recently wrote a book, “So You Want to be an Artist!?” It’s a workbook for artists to evaluate where they’re currently at in their career and how to set business goals to advance their career. The book was born from my own experience and research.

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