Painting Study 1 & 2

It was such an unique experience to be cloistered in a cabin, away from people, away from the computer, and everything distracting. To have time to daydream and paint, and to live with the creatures of the forest. I didn’t feel alone or afraid. I felt at peace.

I’d start the day with a cup of coffee and munch on some fresh berries. I’d sit outside on the deck and listen to the birds sing. The sunlight streamed through the trees, creating a spotlight for the family of deer grazing just a few feet away. What a wonderful start to the day!

I hiked to a deserted beach with a backpack laden with art supplies. I sat under the shade of an arbutus tree and watched the ocean glistening as far as the eye could see. All was silent, but for the waves lapping the rocks of the shoreline. I set up my easel and paints and tried my best to recreate what was before me. It wasn’t easy, painting en plein air (outside) without the comforts of an art studio – and with acrylic paints! But it was worth the huffing and puffing to get there, worth the heat, and the thirst, even worth the thought of having to trek back!



A new series, “Someday”, was born!



Learn more and view the series here.